Lake Vista Change Your Life Style NOC Approved Society

A luxury and premium lifystyle in lake Vista Housing society..

Malik Usman Azam - CEO, Lake Vista addressing customers & partners for successful balloting event

A heartfelt moment as our CEO will take you through this journey of appreciation and achievement, highlighting the dedication and support of our cherished customers and the unwavering commitment of our authorized sales partners.

Colonel Ijaz Tabassum's Perspective on Lake Vista

In this captivating video, Colonel Ijaz Tabassum shares his insightful perspective on the mesmerizing Lake Vista. As a seasoned explorer and avid nature enthusiast, Colonel Tabassum takes us on an enchanting journey through this picturesque destination, offering unique insights and anecdotes along the way. Join us as we uncover the hidden gems, breathtaking views, and rich history that make Lake Vista a must-visit location for any avid traveler or nature lover.

Ather Rizvi - Sharing views on RDA Operation

Senior Anchor Person & Host Mr. Ather Rizvi delves into the importance of RDA NOC approval when investing in a housing society. He highlights the significance of choosing a trusted and approved society for your future investment, providing valuable insights and tips for potential homebuyers.

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